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About Us (My Story)

Thank you for stoppin' in y'all! 

I'm Amy - your host of The Barrel Life Podcast and owner of The Barrel Horse Life Store.

 As the owner, creator, website design, social media creator and the barrel racing weekend warrior... life is BUSY just like yours. 

   My husband of 10 years, Chris & I own 15 acres smack dab in the middle of a corn field in Illinois (not exactly horse country).  Raising 3 horses, a sweet geriatric dog (our kid) and a butt-load of evolving barn cats is what we call a day in the life of The Davenports.

   I have been a full-time hairstylist since 2003 & owning my own salon since 2016. Life behind the chair is my job and I LOVE IT, but horses are my true passion. But we all know that doesn't pay the bills very well.

   Growing up showing purebred Poland China hogs as a kid, Santa never brought "that pony" for Christmas. Getting my first horse, Sister Remmy, at age 24 was a real eye opener... purchasing a 4yo, non-broke horse as my first horse taught me A LOT!   #NOTrecommended. 

   Now pushing age 37 life has thrown some nasty curveballs in life. Losing both my parents to cancer in 2012 changed so much. Mostly the way I go about things in a much more "ehh, screw it let's do it" fashion. Life is too damn short, if you want to do something, just freakin' do it already! 

That is exactly how I decided to start this very website, AAAAND a podcast!

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Interviewing top Champions, Hustlers and people that make the industry a better place... like 11x World Champion winner Charmayne James, Stevi & Ty Hillman, Joy Wargo, Ashley Schafer, Circle Y Saddles, equine nutritionist and so much more still coming!


   I love snarky sayings, soft-as-hell shirts and wanted to have a platform to bring them to the masses.

Every purchase you make has been made and designed by me and only me. When you make a purchase from this website I secretly am smiling and doing a little happy dance behind my computer - I may even jump up and down a few times when I see you and your shirt(s) in person... no joke! 

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